About Us

TnT Rescue is a rescue group that focuses on small animals in the Bay Area. Our mission is to rescue as many dogs and cats as we can. Most of our animals come from shelters, vet referrals, or people calling us about dogs or cats in need.  We provide necessary veterinary care, place them in foster care, and work hard at screening adopters to find the best match possible for our rescue animals.

TnT Rescue is a 100% volunteer-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving small animals in the that are at risk of being euthanized in shelters throughout the Bay Area.

Meet Our Staff

Tina has been involved with dog rescue for over 6 years. She has close to 1000 dogs on her list–most of them puppies. Her love of saving pregnant moms and puppies comes from the need to get these vulnerable dogs away from the shelter environment and into a stable and loving home. There, she pampers the moms and has her large family help socialize the puppies from birth to adoptable age.

Cathy juggles her love of rescue and competing in marathons and triathlons with her career as CFO at Emergence Capital Partners. Senior animals and hospice animals are her favorites; Cathy likes to give these animals all the love and medical support they need at the end of their lives. By fostering, donating, and networking, Cathy is able to help all the animals she can and hopes to do it full time when she retires.